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Do Your Part

A simple concept, yet the vast majority of the service fails to recognize its simplicity. We are a whole. The Firefighters, Company Officers, Chief Officers, Government Administrators, Citizens, and their families. We are all an integral unit that requires, the sum of all its parts to pull their weight. Families must support the Firefighters, Officers, and Chiefs who uphold the mission. Citizens must support budgets and political officials who have their best interests at heart, by funding public safety. Political officials must understand how fire services are more critical infrastructure, than business.

We must have Chief Officers that exceed the status quo, by mentoring and pushing firefighters and company officers past their perceived

limits. Strong leadership by company Officers is necessary, to become the liaison between the field…and the office. The final cog in the wheel is, eager and driven firefighters that understand, they are the last line of protection from saving citizens and fellow firefighters from a perilous fate. It’s a constant cycle that requires constant learning from each level. Each component must freely pass information up

 and down the chain, to ensure adequate services, and necessary safety information is conveyed. Whatever your level, whatever rank, we must strive for higher education. Not necessarily college degrees, but learning at a higher level than you had yesterday.

Pride, integrity, and discipline are core values that cannot be faked or allowed any latitude. Missions must be simple, well planned, communicated, and failure cannot be tolerated. If by some chance a failure occurred, open, real dialogue must be had to determine the root causes. People of all levels must utilize all the information to learn from mistakes of the past. Humility must be exhibited by the components, to ensure ego’s and feelings, do not dictate policy, funding, strategy, or tactics. All levels must understand the word “brotherhood”. Brotherhood is not doing everything in your power to take care of your people… It’s doing everything in your power to do right by your people…at all costs. This means doing what’s right, even when its not what you want to do…Even when its not comfortable. Our mission is simple “Delivering and receiving the most intense, functional, and accurate information to the fire service and its stakeholders, by current and relevant instructors, who will never stop or inhibit the learning process.” We will live and work by the following Core Values: Pride, Integrity, Discipline, Service, Humility, and Intensity. We vow to uphold these values and provide leadership and mentorship at every turn. We will “do our part” to ensure the wheels of progress continue to spin.

Facta non Verba

Do Your Part

About Jason Hurley (6 Articles)
Jay Hurley is a 17 year veteran of the fire service, working as Fire Chief of a suburban department in Georgia. As a student of the fire service, Jay has undergone training in multiple areas, as well as being a graduate of Firefighters Laboring and Mastering Essential Skills, or F.L.A.M.E.S., and the Georgia Smoke Diver Program. Hurley serves as a member of multiple fire service organizations including the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs, and acts as a Task Force Leader for Georgia Search and Rescue Task Force 6 in NW Georgia. He has been an instructor at the Metro Atlanta Firefighters Conference, and a HOT Instructor at FDIC since 2017. Jay is currently working on a degree in Fire Service Administration, and is Co-founder of “Do Your Part Training”.

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