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We all have them, and we all have the same reaction to them. In the fire service, they go by different terms but we all groan when we get on scene and see it. Collyers [...]




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  • Beard Bros

    March 17, 2019 // 4 Comments

    Beard Bros The Holidays are upon us. As I worked on this piece, I was frequently surrounded by Christmas cards. The cards arrived from all parts of the area; from hospitals, other departments, former patients and the like. On one of these cards, I saw an image of Santa Claus in a fire engine. With his full, snow-white beard flowing in the wind, I can only assume that he [...]
  • Stepping out of the airport into the Nairobian air, it was immediately apparent this was going to be an experience unlike any other. After months of planning and anticipation, I had arrived in country with a group of 17 other men from around the United States, tasked with the arduous prospect of training a large group of firefighters assembled across numerous counties [...]
  • Here is what you need to know. The Last Call Foundation in Memory of Fallen Firefighter Michael Kennedy has assembled a committee to “Research Chemical Coatings in Fire Gear Then and Now.” The committee consists of Diane Cotter of Your Turnout Gear and PFOA., Kathy Crosby-Bell of the Last Call Foundation, Dr. Graham Peaslee of the University of Notre Dame, Jon Marr [...]