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  • The Roman emperor Augustus is credited with inaugurating a corps of fire-fighting vigils in 24 BC. Known as the ‘Watchmen’ this was quite possibly the first ever organized unit of firefighters in the world. Their responsibilities? Fire prevention through regulations established by the Roman Empire. By the pre-industrial era most cities in the west had watchmen who [...]
  • Flags ‘n’ Such

    June 23, 2018 // 3 Comments

    Today, I’m writing about flags. Why not? Everyone else is doing it. We have flags on our apparatus and personal vehicles, flags on our uniforms and bunker gear. Some of us even have flags emblazoned on our hides. I love our flag. I love it symbolically and stylistically. Nothing beats the sights of a freshly-washed engine, busting ass down Main Street, USA, Old Glory [...]
  • Participation Trophies

    June 16, 2018 // 1 Comment

    I’m sure this will be a polarizing topic, but if nothing else I’m honest, so here it goes….time in the fire service does not entitle you to anything but benefits. Before you begin to unfollow me or this page, understand where I come from. There are two examples of the senior man. The first is a senior man who continually learns his job, ensures his equipment is [...]