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  • Clutter

    April 16, 2018 // 0 Comments

    We all have them, and we all have the same reaction to them. In the fire service, they go by different terms but we all groan when we get on scene and see it. Collyers Mansion, Clutter, or Hoarders. Hoarders and clutter can cause some problems on the fire ground, from delaying access to the fire room or even just gaining access to the fire building or apartment. [...]
  • A few weeks ago, I was given the privilege of observing The Fire Asylum’s Masters of Mayhem training program. The Fire Asylum is the brain child of Marty Mayes, a retired veteran police officer and firefighter from Texas. I have known Marty for quite sometime and this training program has been building for many years before this moment in time. This was [...]
  • Kentland Volunteer Fire Company in Prince George County, Maryland has always been known for their impressive marketing skills, their trucks, the diecast models of their trucks, the slogans on their trucks, the number 33, their sick videos, and their claim to be the second busiest engine in all of the nation. As if their tongue-in-cheek cockiness wasn’t fun enough, [...]