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Christopher Intartaglio is a 2nd generation firefighter with 3 years on the job. Chris started at Bayshore Fire and Rescue in 2011 as a volunteer firefighter and was there for year. In 2012, Chris was hired with Estero Fire and Rescue in Estero, Florida as a firefighter/paramedic. Chris also has a part-time job in the ER as a paramedic technician. Chris has his A.S. degree in Emergency Medicine, is currently obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Fire administration. Chris is a Paramedic, Live Fire Adjunct Instructor, Driver-Operator, and is a Rescue/Search specialist on USAR Task Force 6 team in Southwest Florida. Chris is a proud member of the Florida Gulf Coast F.O.O.L.S and IAFF Local 1826. Chris loves his job with a passion and loves to better his knowledge and become the best that he can be at his craft. Chris attends training classes from big names in the fire service by going to FDIC, and learning from his father who put in 33 years on the job, retiring as an assistant chief with South Trail Fire Department in Fort Myers, Florida.

Who Do You Want To Be?

October 23, 2015 // 0 Comments

Who do I want to be? A question we have all asked ourselves at one point in our lives. At a very young age, I focused on playing baseball and being a firefighter like my dad. [...]

New Guy On The Block

July 30, 2015 // 0 Comments

  I’ve only been on the job for four years; one year as a volunteer firefighter and three years as a paid firefighter. In my book, I am still a rookie firefighter, [...]

Soap Opera

June 30, 2015 // 3 Comments

  Growing up, I got to see what the fire service is really like. I can remember my first ride in a fire truck with my dad when he was a Lieutenant. I remember the [...]