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Fire Maul- FireWrap Grip Kit review-updated

So when I got my Fire Maul, I thought it was the coolest tool I’d ever held. Loved its weight, build and design. The head, the handle…but that grip!?!….

The Fire Maul FireWrap grip kits are a special, paint on-dry hard as nails-never have to remove and redo, grip kit. Comes with rubber o-rings that stretch to fit any tool handle. Once placed where you want them you just follow the directions included in your kit. After it dries, it hardens and offers a rough texture grip.

Firefighter Coiner says “So I’ve never given much thought to grips on tools. I mean, a grip is a grip. Different styles of tapes or whatever is around the station. But when I heard about FireMaul grips, I was very intrigued. I went with the Flag kit, and let me tell you…this is by far the most badass grip I’ve ever seen! Not only does it look great, but the grip is super comfortable to carry, and a great way to take pride in your tool! It was super easy to put on, and came out perfect in just a few hours. I’m proud to have this on my axe, and look forward to many years of throwing it through roofs!

G. Coiner

Stache Salt Moustache Wax

WFD Truck 1A” this his Fire Axe Inc axe he wrapped.

These are my tools I have wrapped, 2 Iron Fox axes, a probar, a Colorado hook, and even did a friend’s kids baseball bat grips with some left over..just to prove the Fire Maul grip kit is truly universal!

To update this review I have some photos and a quote from a brother about our departments Colorado Hook that is clad with the pink Fire Maul Grip Kits.

“My first hand experience with the fire wrap on the Colorado hook was absolutely amazing, after initially feeling the wrap I felt that the sandpaper like texture would rip your gloves apart but after using it to pull shiplap ceiling the texture is perfect. The texture allows you to grip the tool no matter how wet the handle gets and the grip rings allow you to really get ahold of the tool and use it to its fullest potential. After the fire cleaning the tool the fire wraps texture maintained and did not soften up at all the was no tearing or breaking of the wrap even after being exposed to heat,

water and work. ”

To repair the grip a light sanding of the affected area and a little “dab” of the left over paint; it’s good as new!

Check the tools and grip kits here! Fire Maul Tools

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  1. Can we call it breaking in tool?


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