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Guinness Book Recognizes Kentland for Extinguishing ALL of the Fires

Kentland Volunteer Fire Company in Prince George County, Maryland has always been known for their impressive marketing skills, their trucks, the diecast models of their trucks, the slogans on their trucks, the number 33, their sick videos, and their claim to be the second busiest engine in all of the nation. As if their tongue-in-cheek cockiness wasn’t fun enough, all of this is now being backed up as a certified world-record holder for “Extinguishing ALL of the Fires.”

This new category within the World Record Book was an obvious choice for the committee as it’s always been apparent that within the world of firefighting, Kentland Volunteer Fire Company is literally the only fire department that matters. Disagree? We’re not sure how. Not only are they part of an entire family of PG County Fire Departments but we’re also betting they have a good sense of humor.




5 Comments on Guinness Book Recognizes Kentland for Extinguishing ALL of the Fires

  1. April Fools?


  2. TYFYS


  3. I heard they are so well trained that they have gone and put out house and vehicle fires prior to them actually happening!


    • Volley4Life // April 2, 2018 at 7:40 pm // Reply

      Well, they knew where Jerry Engle (author of Probie Days about his time at Kentland, who was sentenced to jail for multiple arsons that they responded to) was going to set them… So, yeah maybe they did put a few out early.


  4. They definitely have the record for number of flipped and burned up apparatus


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