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Prideful Mothers Day

“Firefighting is an ultra hazardous, unavoidably dangerous activity. To reduce your risk of death, burns, injuries, disease, and illnesses, you must carefully read and strictly follow this entire ‘Official User Information Guide’ and all labels on your protective ensemble.”


We know it. We’ve all seen the warnings on our turnout gear, we’ve tested it and trust it. Our mothers just know what they have been educated about. They know the stories we have shared, some of which we probably shouldn’t have.


A firefighters mother knows early on in that little boy or girls life that caring for people is something her child will do for his/her life, in one way or the other. Her child was probably somewhat of a daredevil with heart of gold. They love the adrenaline rush of jumping curbs and racing their bikes down hills. The child was likely stubborn, somewhat mischievous with an attitude of the unstoppable invincibility. Our moms recognize those attributes, they don’t allow the stubborn mischievous ways to dominate the caring and passionate traits.

imageMost of our mothers are strong women who are passionate about their own careers and their family. Tough on the outside but inside they’re worry warts. Our mommas raised us to be tough but compassionate, they guided our decisions towards what was best for us to grow into mature adults.


The contributors at Station Pride discuss pride all the time, hell it’s our mission and movement. A mothers pride is immense and ever growing; as a result, I on behalf of everybody at Station Pride would like to say thank you to the moms. A big happy mothers day to the lady’s that raised the men and women of the fire service to be strong, confident, caring and passionate.

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James's great grandfather was a career Firefighter, his grandfather was a firefighter, making his way to fire chief in his home town and taught at Texas A&M fire school for 50 + years. James’s grandfather on his dad’s side was a naval firefighter in the Navy Seabees, James’s father has been a paramedic since 1979, and his mother’s a nurse also. James himself is a career Captain / EMT-I in northwest Texas, and has been in the fire service since Aug/2005. James loves teaching as much as learning the craft.

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