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West Lake Fire Pride

Have you ever traveled and visited firehouses outside of your own state? Have you found things to be lacking in other stations? It seems we all have similar challenges. Myself and long time follower of Station Pride had the chance to check out a few station’s inside Erie County, Pennsylvania. One station that stood out among the rest was the West Lake Fire Department.

The West Lake Fire Department was founded in 1937 and was the first volunteer fire company in Millcreek Township. The department is comprised of two firehouses, Station 48 and Station 49. West Lake is one of four volunteer fire departments that operate in Millcreek Township. West Lake is the second busiest company in the township and third busiest in Erie County averaging around 1,500 calls for service annually, following the Erie Fire Department and West Ridge Fire Department. West Lake is 100% volunteer with approximately 50 active members.

WLFD is known best in the township as having the most pride within the fire service. Myself and Jordan Turner of West Med #2 Fire Company can attest too that. We went and looked at every aspect of pride we could find and this department has it! “It’s one thing that is drilled into us from day one” said Lieutenant Joe Bracalento – 8 year member of WLFD. We can tell that from just walking into the bay, from the station logo pressed into the bay floor to the clean rigs and well racked lines on the engine. You can tell this company has pride just from the road! The outside of the firehouse is another thing that showed itself to us. Fresh green grass mowed perfectly to fresh mulch. As well as the flags flying high. The community of Millcreek should be proud to call West lake for their emergencies.

Why? We had the chance to look over all of the well maintained rigs that WLFD has at station 48. Even after finishing their 5th call for service that day all the trucks were cleaned, well maintained, stocked and ready for the next call for service. Something that is hard to find in the volunteer fire service these days with the demands that are placed on volunteers. That is another thing that stood out to us. The fact that this company runs up to 100 plus calls a month and still has a nice clean station with very clean and well maintained trucks!
After meeting the Fire Chief and a few members from this station we were honored to take home with us a company tee shirt and the offer of returning and spending the day with the crew and sharing some fellowship. The brotherhood is strong in West Lake and so is the pride. If you are ever in the area check out the brothers at station 48! It’s well worth the stop!

About Riley Amoriello (6 Articles)
Riley Amoriello is a 7 year student of the fire service. Riley works for a urban/rural fire department in which he holds the current rank Lieutenant and Emergency Medical Responder. Riley Started the fire academy in 2010 were he graduated most improved recruit. Riley Strives to better himself so that he can become a better mentor in the fire service. In early 2015 Riley became a father to his first child this life changing moment showed him how much family means in the fire service. It was Rileys Goal in 2013 when he started the very small facebook page station pride to give brothers and sister a place to show that pride and tradition was alive and well in the fire service.

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