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Station Pride is a unique organization. When you advertise with Station Pride you can feel good knowing that your investment will not only help make your business stronger but you’ll also be supporting our mission to provide education, research, and knowledge to firefighters.


Station Pride supports firefighter-owned companies and/or small businesses with low-cost, effective, and at times – targeted advertising.

You could spend several hundred dollars for one month’s worth of advertising on other websites and publications – or – you can give us a test-drive.  Let us prove our worth.

Light Plan-

$30 per month -or- $150 for 6 months -or- $295 for 12 months. (Best Value)

  • Graphic design and ad development assistance.
  • One side-bar ad on our website.
  • Product and Service giveaways sponsored by you.

Basic Plan –

$40 per month -or- $200 for 6 months – or- $390 for 12 months(Best Value)

  • Graphic design and ad development assistance.
  • One side-bar ad on our website.
  • One social media plug per month.
  • Provide us with your product/service and we will host a giveaway sponsored by you. (6-month or greater package)
  • One objective product or service review from one of our contributors published on our website.

Advanced Family Plan-

Station Pride is part of a growing network of websites banding together for the common good of the fire service. These websites include and in development) As a family, we have over 120,000 followers in our social media network.

$65 per month -or- $330 for 6 months -or- $550 for 12 months(Best Value)

  • Sidebar or banner graphic on both Station Pride & Leatherhead Mafia websites. (Hazmat Junkie when completed)
  • Two plugs per month, one on each respective social media page.
  • Product and Service review on each website. (6-months or greater package)
  • Hosting for product or service giveaway’s sponsored by you.
  • Graphic design or ad development assistance.
  • Ability to provide boosted(sponsored) content at cost with a 10% additional fee.

Affiliate Advertising

Should neither of these plans suit your needs we can also work off an affiliate link with a standard 10% commission on any sales we generate for you.

Product Sales

We will provide the opportunity to sell your product in our online store. This service would require a negotiable commission. Just send us an email and we’ll get you hooked up today!


STILL CAN’T AFFORD US?  Solutions-for-Medical-Billing-1

Send us an email at

Our mission is to help firefighter owned small businesses when and where we can. We are not here for profits. We are here for the brotherhood. Our intentions are pure and our heart is in the right place. We will gladly work with you.


 Think this is too good to be true? 

We’d be happy to provide you with references for businesses currently advertising with us.  We’re a family here, and we’d like to prove that.


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